I did this little ditty to help out the Art Association of Jackson Hole.  Check it out at there Whodunnit show on March 8th at the Center of the Arts Theater Lobby starting at 5:30.  And dont’t tell anyone if you know who did it! Peace out buttercup!!

Another Bayou City shot

March 29, 2012



Thanks Houstonians, what a great weekend. Enjoy the art, I do!

I have a piece in this show.  If your in Seattle go check it out and support arts and culture in your community.  You’ll be glad you did.

“A Strange Life” art exhibit opens Friday March 9th, at Tasty and will feature mixed media paintings
by Vern White. His artworks are markers of his journey, the people he’s met and the experiences
he’s had, are woven together to create the works of art that will be on display. Joining Vern in this
show is a peculiar bunch of artists:

Amy Weber, Bjorn (aka Raw Garbage), Deviant Décor, Don Deleva, Jarrod Eastman, Jenny
Dayton, Jody Joldersma, Joe Vollan, Justin Hillgrove, Kurtis Rykovich and Rob Schwartz.

A Strange Life is up March 9 – April 10.

Here is an artist statement, in his words:

“Our environment, associations, and history always affect the process of the art we create. Inescapable mutations

that result across a variety of mediums are a product of the whole. The totality of our lives at that moment we fling
paint over canvas in an attempt to relay a meme string to others and continue the cycle of growth/ evolution.
Across the span of years I have had a variety of occupations in between the bouts of artistic conflict I refer to
as painting. I have dug graves, built houses, poured beer, tossed drunks, tattooed, printed shirts and sold art in the
pursuit of filthy lucre with which to buy my paint, canvas, brushes and liquor.
The same can be said for the people I have met in this perilous journey between the straight and narrow.
From God fearing Christians, to junkies and killers of men. Bikers, rock stars, the ‘has been’ and never were, barflies,
fellow artists, and suicides. From friends now dead and enemies who have yet to grace me with their demise, they
have all left a mark on me like the slingers ink staining my skin beneath the comfort of a good shirt.
All these comes to pass in the works I put forth now and throw to the tender mercies of the public. These
markers of the journey through a strange life.”

To RSVP on facebook visit https://www.facebook.com/events/278131675590062/

To see all shows in our hood on 2nd Friday, visit http://artupgreenwood-phinney.blogspot.com/

Since March 2010, Tasty has been open 6 days a week to showcase fun & funky local urban art. Every
month they curate a group exhibit, themed in sync with the selected featured artist(s). To see their entire
2012 calendar, please contact Sheri. To view art from past shows, visit http://www.ShopTastyArt.com.

Tasty’s hours are 11-7 Tuesday thru Saturday plus 12-5 Sunday.