I did this little ditty to help out the Art Association of Jackson Hole.  Check it out at there Whodunnit show on March 8th at the Center of the Arts Theater Lobby starting at 5:30.  And dont’t tell anyone if you know who did it! Peace out buttercup!!

Onto Fort Worth Texas

April 17, 2012


This shot is from uncommon objects in Austin, tx. Love Austin. Onto Fort Worth, which will surprise you…super cool fun town. Eat at Blue and Freds if you ever come..peace out buttercup!

Austin part of the tour

April 15, 2012


I’m lucky these days. All the hard work takes me through amazing places. Good times are always around the next bend.

Another Bayou City shot

March 29, 2012



Thanks Houstonians, what a great weekend. Enjoy the art, I do!


March 9, 2012


Come out to the Scottsdale Art Festival and see the new framed originals.


Come down this weekend its gorgeous out.