Happy Solstice

December 21, 2012


Birdie birdie sculpture

December 14, 2012

20121213-230909.jpgsecond sculpture….3d jrod comin at ya. Next up? snuffleupagus?yep.

Making art feeds my soul.

December 11, 2012


all kinds of projects in the works. You can’t even see the new toaster oven I got to make art with. Its happening!

So I have been exploring some new processes and directions.  Three Dimensional seems to be the newest direction.  I am already trying to conceive a way to bring this 7 inch sculpture into an 8 foot high art piece that you could climb on and ride.  Exploring concrete as a material.  Time will tell.  Don’t worry though more paintings to come too.  I  don’t have enough time to do all the things in my head!  Check it out….. I was really trying to capture the feeling of a vintage toy.






dot-your-t’s, originally uploaded by jRODaRT.

I guess I never posted this up in the blog. Finished!

Rhino Sculpture

November 30, 2012


In the works. jROD is going three dimensional. We will see if it works out. Stay tuned.


rhino, originally uploaded by jRODaRT.

This is a 4ft.. x 4ft painting that I created for The Childrens Museum of Bozeman Spooktacular Auction. It will help them with operation costs so they can continue to inspire the children in Montana!