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Here is another bike inspired sketch that’s about to become a painting. I was inspired to do some more bike paintings by a fella I met down in Tucson. I always love meeting people doing really cool things. Bruce ,the guy I met , is one of those guyz. He is the owner of Uno Bicycle Studios. Check it out…..

I am guessing 1983. Thats my brother rocking the half shirt.  Hell ya dude. He should of been a model.

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Had to buy these sweet shoes at Walmart ( which I can’t stand) because I forgot my shoes going out to a mountain bike ride.  Embarrassing I know. They did let me do this great scissor kick though.

We did the 50 year trail in Tucson on Easter Sunday. We were up on baby jesus ridge which seemed  fitting 🙂 . Amazing ride, beautiful desert, and great company.

Get it pyp

the boys badass pyp had to keep up with

down hill

the hugmans

eiffel bridge


So we took a couple days and visited a friend and made some new friends in Sonoita, AZ . Thanks Pete, Sherry, and Jim for the great time and your hospitality. We did a 21 mile mountain bike ride that went to an old mining camp and cruised along the Arizona Trail for a bit. We also got to spend some time on a ranch from the 1800’s that was fascinating with its old buildings and swimming pool and ponds like an oasis in the desert. I got to see my second Eiffel in the form of an old railroad Bridge. I love seeing history in the middle of nowhere.

Whats goin on? well………

So we are setting up today for the 4th Avenue Street Fair in Tucson, AZ. Come see us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 to dusk.
Then we head to Houston for the Bayou City Festival of the Arts and The Woodlands Waterway Art Festival

Finally at the end of April come see us in Austin for Art City Austin.

Missing the Cactus

January 13, 2009

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The Saguaro Cactus is one of my all time favorite plants. I love going to the desert and seeing them climb the southern slopes.

Stuck in Arizona…

December 28, 2008

So after we finished our shows down here in Arizona we were excited to get back to the studio for some new painting to start, but old mother nature has changed our plans. The freezing temperatures and non stop snow has prevented us from being brave enough to make the 23+ hour journey back to Bozeman. So we have been forced to enjoy the moderate to warm temperatures and the thorny desert a little longer. It sucks but somebodies got to do it. Mountain Biking today. Paintings soon I hope…..

mountain time

September 14, 2008

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The last of the summer of 2008 mountain time. Fall is on the way. We always seem to know first hand up here in Montana. Our good friend Lorri and Pyper ascend a mountain above South Meadow Lake in the Tobacco Roots.

North Fork of the Flathead River, originally uploaded by jRODaRT.

just another shot of the river trip. Working on four paintings right now. Hope to have them finished up for the jackson hole show. With four shows coming up in the next month, my posts will be a little less frequent. Looking forward to the fall and some serious studio time.

North Fork of the Flathead River, originally uploaded by jRODaRT.

as my brother would say, checkout jRODaRT .com being the troutslayer. Good folks, good float, good forth o july. Love your freedom…..

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