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Jarrod Eastman

I feel a great connectedness to the energy that embodies creativity. It is through this energy that my work pervades a sense of possibility and imagination. The dialogue that takes place between the artist and the canvas is as important as the interaction between the canvas and its viewer. This is how art is able to permeate our culture. It is a crucial step in the constant ebb and flow of creative energy. This step is of great importance to our souls and peace of mind.

I grew up in Arizona surrounded by the desert. I had a childhood that was inundated with graphics from skateboards, rock bands, and an explosive pop culture. I was fortunate to travel from an early age and have a great appreciation for “otherness” and cultural diversity. Other early influences included the nascent pop surrealism movement and the art of Maurice Sendak, Ralph Steadman, Derek Hess, and Robert Williams; to name a few. My work has been shaped and reshaped by various subcultures ranging from skateboarding, punk, jazz, hip-hop music ,and spoken word, to a lifestyle centered in the mountains.

In the early 90’s, influenced by friends and artists, I began the journey of a self taught artist. In my earlier portfolios, I experimented with psychedelic and tattoo art. Fifteen years later I paint full time, communicating my imagination through images. My most creative moments are infused with motion, music, and color. My art has become more then a passage of time, for me it has become time itself. It is my passion. You can view my website at www.jRODaRT.com, and contact me at info@jrodart.com.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Amy Ridgeway Says:

    Love your stuff. I really want to order a long sleeve shirt for Brad. Will you be getting any more in?

  2. jrodart Says:

    new shirt coming out 11/2007

  3. Megan Says:

    I love your work!!!

  4. bibomedia Says:


  5. Robert Lynch Says:

    Hi Jarrod, Ran across your website doing some
    research about Summerfest. You are a very creative artist & quite original. It is a pleasure to see
    some original art. I’ll stop by and see you at Summerfest. We will be manning the refreshment booth for the DRL ART Program, stop by when you
    and say Hello.

    Bob Lynch

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