One Thing Leads to Another

June 11, 2010


So this painting kind of took some time to present itself to me. I am really loving the word play these days. I came up with the “Not in my town” and Pyper finished it off with “Buster Brown”. I researched Buster Brown alittle and thought this self justifying moral was genius for the early 20th century. Things haven’t changed all that much.

Many strips end with Buster delivering a self-justifying moral which has little or nothing to do with his crime. For example, a strip from May 31, 1903, shows him giving Tige a soda from a drugstore soda fountain. The drink splashes, not only the front of his own clothes, but the skirts of a woman’s splendid dress. Horrified by his clumsy misadventure, Buster’s mother takes him home and spanks him with a stick. In the last panel the boy has written a message beginning, “Resolved! That druggists are legalized robbers; they sell you soda and candy to make you ill, then they sell you medicine to make you worse.”

I ended up calling it Deadpan. Its painted on a Skateboard. Deadpan is a form of comic delivery in which humor is presented without a change in emotion or body language, usually speaking in a casual, monotone or very serious, solemn, matter-of-fact voice and expressing an unflappably calm, archly insincere or artificially grave demeanor.



2 Responses to “One Thing Leads to Another”

  1. Teri Guy Says:

    My grandmother who was born in 1900 used to tell me stories about Buster Brown and his little dog Tige. She was raised in Missouri and remembered when they visited her home town. I believe this was one of many Busters, but it was fun hearing the stories all the same since I wore Buster Brown shoes.
    Still enjoying my “Never Get Used To It” print. I have it hanging in my office at Utah State University, Utah Pubic Radio.

  2. jrodart Says:

    nice Teri,


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