Radio show coming up!

October 26, 2009


Did some talks at Belgrade High today. Good kids over there. I hope they enjoyed the artwork.

And here is the lowdown on the radio show this weekend.

Please join me this Saturday, October 31st, (Happy Halloween!) between 10 and 12 am MT on or 104.1 FM in Tucson, Arizona. My evolving art career and unique work will be featured in a 40 minute live segment within the popular talk radio and web stream show “Circles of Change with Dr. Zara Larsen: Where Your Path is Created by Walking On It.” Dr. Larsen has hosted over 140 inspirational and diverse guests in the past year and a half, opening positive conversations on career fulfillment and organizational change. From pragmatic advice to unconventional wisdom.

Feel free to real time call in a questions to (520) 751-1041 or toll free (877) 544-2580. If you miss the show, the complimentary podcast will be posted at 2009 Season FM within the Featured Guest library by Thursday, November 5th.

Hope you can join us!
Best regards,


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