North Fork Bear Creek and to many signs of bears…GO FIGURE!!!

September 17, 2009

Notice three exclamation points!!!

My wife the sphinx and the helmet! that doesn’t happen everyday!


chilllin with my dogs! gangster!

the helmet

the Sphinx and Helmet from the beginning!

Took a few days off to reevaluate and decompress after a very busy summer. The bears were thick up in the North Fork of Bear Creek(go figure), luckily we didn’t run into them. We saw scat and a couple bed down areas; one with a recent marmot snack still laying around. Besides the nervous bear present it was relaxing and beautiful. I need a few more of those trips during the summertime months. I had to share the photo of my shoes. A good investment that my father bought me when I was 27 in 1998. Still kicking dad! Thanks for sharing Bears!

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