The Circus Show at “a bitchin space”

August 28, 2008

“Bombshell” 9 x 12 acrylic on board $375
contact Gale Hart at a Bitchin Space  if you are interested in the piece.

see More here ” a bitchin space”

circus show, originally uploaded by jRODaRT.

The 2nd Annual Circus Show & Other Atrocities is Back and Bigger than Ever!
The biggest art show in Sacramento will be held at the newest and largest gallery in town, Verge Gallery. It
will showcase artwork from over 80 national and international artists, a headlining celebrity from New York
and take over downtown by spreading the event to various venues. The show will also top the Ringling Bros.
and Barnum & Bailey Circus, who just happens to be in town the same evening!

On September 13th 2008 from 5 to 10pm, Verge Gallery in Sacramento, CA will be the only place on earth you can see the 2nd Annual Circus Show and Other Atrocities, a night of art in all its forms; visual, musical and performance. Juxtaposing the dark, painful lives of performing animals with the fun, amusing atmosphere of a carnival.

Verge Gallery is located at 1900 V street, Sacramento, CA 95818

The event is the brainchild of artist and A Bitchin’ Space gallery owner Gale Hart, who wanted to speak out for animals in the circus. “The circus has a rich history of being fun, magical, full of intrigue and wonderfully twisted,” said Hart. “Unfortunately it is negatively twisted as well, with animal abuse and exploitation veiled as family fun. The Circus Show is a way to present both.”  Last year’s Circus Show was a sweeping success – and this year will be even bigger! For starters, Dan Piraro, creator
of Bizarro, will be headlining the performances. Piraro will be joined by Sacramento’s own comedian and filmmaker Keith Lowell-Jensen, who will MC the event; Sacramento Music Award winner, Best Female Vocalist, Larisa Bryski, and many more (see enclosed information sheet).  This year’s Circus Show boasts double the number of participants in the World’s Largest Artist-Made Circus Train Car
installation, with over 80 artists from across the United States, Canada and Europe participating. The artist-created carnival games and midway (with food, games and amazing raffle prizes) will be back and bigger than ever – with rumors of an artist-made roller coaster percolating. The event is even spilling over to other venues as well, with the Tangent Gallery, Izzy’s mini Van Go, Artifacts, and University Arts each hosting a circus-themed event the same night.

“Part of the reason the show will be even bigger is that we’ve been honored to receive a grant from the Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF) for the show,” added Hart. “The other reason is the amazing support and creative team of volunteers and other Sacramento venues who are all helping put together one of the most amazing artistic events Sacramento has ever seen – and the opening of the newest and most-anticipated venues, Verge Gallery.” It all takes place the same weekend the nemesis of the event, Ringling Bros. Circus will be in town, just a few miles away at Arco Arena. The main benefiting charity, Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute, is a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against Ringling Bros., alleging that a number of their routine practices violate the Endangered Species Act as it relates to the treatment of Asian elephants used in their performances. (Note to Kenneth Feld, owner of
Ringling Bros., “Come to our show and see how much fun a circus can be without abusing animals.”)
If you’ve driven down 19th street, you’ve probably seen “Ella Phantz Peril,” the previously banned elephant sculpture who has been keeping watch over the Verge parking lot, waiting for the true circus-animal lovers to show up and unchain her from her shackles. And that they will as Hart and troupe make sure that the entire city of Sacramento realizes that wild animals do not belong in chains 300 days a year or beaten with bullhooks to perform for circus shows.


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