Project 57 at Distinction Art Gallery

August 6, 2008



Here is a link to the page with my painting on it. Bidding starts at only $75 and you can bid over the internet. I have donated all profits to the charity. So get an original and support a good cause.

my piece is the second one down from the top right.

This is a piece I donated for the “Project 57” show coming up at Distinction Art Gallery next month. It will be auctioned off to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to Lewy Body Dementia Association to help fight for a cure. If you would like to bid you can email the gallery with your bid. Click on the image to visit the Distinction website.

Distinction Gallery Presents:
“Project 57”
In Honor of Charles Leslie Walker A group showing to benefit the Lewy Body Dementia Association running August 9th – September 6th
$10 Entry fee. All Distinction Gallery commissions will be donated.
Distinction Gallery is proud to host this most special gathering of artists to pay tribute to the artistic spirit and likewise honor the memory and life of Charles Leslie Walker. There will be an opening reception on August 9th from 6-11 PM featuring catered food by A Taste of Florence and beer provided by Karl Strauss. We will also accept bids through email. This showing will be presented auction style and will end at ten pm.
Lewy body dementia (LBD) is a progressive brain disease and the second leading cause of degenerative dementia in the elderly. Lewy bodies are abnormal proteins deposits that disrupt the brain’s normal function. In the brain stem, the proteins deplete the neurotransmitter dopamine, causing Parkinsonian-like symptoms. In other parts of the brain including the cerebral cortex, acetylcholine is depleted, causing disruption of perception, thinking, and behavior.
LBD onset is typically between the ages of 50 and 85. The symptoms, medicine management, and duration of LBD vary greatly from person to person, but the average duration is 5 to 7 years. No definitive treatment or cure for Lewy body dementia has been discovered.

Featuring: Michelle Mia Araujo, Anthony Ausgang, Kurt Barbee, Glenn Barr, Scott Belcastro, Chris Blaikie, Scott Brooks, Michael Brown, Mark Bryan, Isaac Bushkin, Sharif Carter, Nathan Cartwright, Andy B. Clarkson, Joshua Clay, Matt Dangler, Camilla D’Erico, Leslie Ditto, Yoko d’Holbachie, Nicole Deline, Downtimer, Jarrod Eastman, Ekundayo, Patrick Fatica, Blaine Fontana, Nate Frizzell, Angel Garza, Thom Glick, Kelly Haigh, Walt Hall, Scott Hatlestad, Haubs, Andy Haynes, Andrew Hem, Ahren Hertel, Linda Herzog, Brett Hess, Tina Imel, James Ivey, Lindy Ivey, Aaron Jasinski, Sarah Joncas, Roel Jovellanos, justjohanna, Audrey Kawasaki, Ken Keirns, Kmndz, Caia Koopman, Benjamin Lacombe, Gabe Leonard, Kris Lewis, Tessar Lo, Jen Lobo, Eduardo Lopez, Luis Lorenzana, Mear One, Angie Mason, Mike Maxwell, Tim McCormick, Liz McGrath, Aaron McKinney, Tara McPherson, Alex J Meyer, Lyle Motley, Scott Musgrove, James Naccarato, Pete Nawara, Shannon O’Meara, Nathan Ota, Annie Owens, Michael Page, Daryll Peirce, Kevin Peterson, Isaac Pierro, Jenn Porreca, Art Slave, John Purlia, Brandi Read, Lesley Reppeataux, Bonni Reid, Joey Remmers, Philipp Scholz Rittermann, Tony Rios, Paul Roberts, Jean-Pierre Roy, Chris Ryniak, Erik Saidor, Saratoga Sake, Richard Salcido, Scott Saw, Amy Sol, Jophen Stein, David Russell Talbott, Josh Taylor, Brenden Tierney, Big Toe, Paul Torres, Rebecca Urias, Oilver Vernon, Lynden Saint Victor, Kelly Vivanco, Brian Viveros, Dark Vomit, Melissa Inez Walker, Alex Willan, N.C. Winters, Martin Wittfooth, Angelina Wrona, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeni Yang, ZOSO

We are hoping you will share in this community event and experience some exceptional artistic works that benefit a most worthy cause.
Please inquire if you are interested in sponsorship or advertising opportunities for this unique showing.
Distinction Gallery will also be featuring the “Sub 1K” Gallery featuring works from renowned artists from across the globe that price for less than $1,000. The hallways of Distinction will be filled with “Title to Come Later” featuring an additional 30+ artists. All in addition to the 14 artist studios featuring 16 local artists that are always open to the public. Feel free browse our new collection of art books and toys we have for purchase and please do not hesitate to inquire about Distinction’s custom framing services.
“Project 57” shows August 9th through September 6th.


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