Happy Endings show at the Lab 101 Gallery

November 21, 2007

Happy Endings show at the Lab 101 Gallery, originally uploaded by jRODaRT.

The Lab 101 Gallery presents;

‘Happy Endings’

featuring over 60 artists that have exhibited with us over our last six years


Andrew Pommier.Albert Reyes.Andy Jenkins.Andy Kehoe.Andy Mueller

Blaine Fontana.Bigfoot.Bwana Spoons.Caia Koopman.Christopher Bettig

Crash.Dave Kinsey.Derek Hodgson.Derek Albeck.Derek Weisberg.Dez Einswell

Edwin Ushiro.Erik Otto.Evan B. Harris.Ferris Plock.Gregory Bojorquez

Isaac Pierro .Jack Long.Jasinski.Jawn Agione.Jenna Colby.Jen Lobo.Jemma Hostetler

J. Shea.John Casey.Jesse Hotchkiss.Johnny Siu.Jophen Stein.Josh Cochran.Joshua Krause

Jordin Isip.JP Sanchez. jROD.Juston Tucker.Karen Ingram.Kathleen Lolley

Kelsey Brookes .Keith Greiman.Keith Shore. Kelly Tunstall . Kenton Parker . Kofie.

Logan Hicks.Matt Furie .Michael Sieben .Mike Aho.Michael Leon.Nick Walker.O.Two.

Patrick Fraser.Poor Al.Randy Laybourne .Rich Jacobs.Russ Pope.Ryan Riss.Seth Neefus

Sheone.Shepard Fairey.Stephaine Wenzel .Steff Paletz.Sarah Sohn. Tim Karpinski .

Tim McCormick.Tim Reed.Todd Bratrud.Tony Larson.UPSO……



Opening Reception: Saturday December 1st 6-10pm

*One Night Only *marking the Closing of The Lab 101 Gallery


In the project room; Collaborative Sculptures & Paintings By Freddi c & J. Shea


The Lab 101 Gallery8530-B Washington Blvd. , Culver City, CA. 90232

Phone:310 558 0911Web site: http://www.thelab101.com




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