Hilgard Basin and a break in the Surrealism

September 2, 2007

So my wife and I made a three day trip up into the mountains this last week.   It was an amazing trip.  I feel so at home in the mountains.  It was a little nerve racking because of the proximity to Yellowstone National Park and its large Grizzly Bear Population, but we survived!  Here is 14 of the 200 photos we clicked away.

Got your Bear spray?

8 mile hike up to 9000 ft.

the muts had to carry their own gear.

There were 4 or 5 peaks over 10500ft around us.  Spectacular to say the least.

My beautiful wife carried her 40lb pack 8 miles without a glitch.

Koda belongs in the wilderness!

Sunset Lake


Huge Basin with 11+ lakes

Got to see the sunset and the moon rise all at the same time!

The fog rolled up from the valley the day we left.

felt like the Lord of the Rings or something.

Hiking out!

Giving Thanks for a beautiful and safe journey!


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